Have a ridiculous inspirational song about flying like an albatross, sort of.

(Some day, I’ll tell you about The Lads. They made a tween sitcom for TBN — yeah, that TBN — which sort of accidentally on purpose came out as something for Nickelodeon in the nineties. It was better than it had any right to be.)


I know way too many people who’d just root through the bag to eat all the Sin.

Dude, I just realized that Mary Rice Hopkins used this bag on Greengo at some point when Greengo was being a colossal jerk.

For the unwashed: In Mary Rice Hopkins and Puppets With A Heart, there’s a big green puppet with a problematic name whose job is to represent the ordinary sinful child or something. He comes off as an adult’s worst idea of the ordinary sinful child instead, but I digress. Frequently, when he or other puppets aren’t acting in accordance with moral code, Mary takes their hearts out of their bodies(!), finds objects inside(!?) which represent their mindset or emotional state, and then replaces the object with some relevant scripture to make them act like good puppets.

Yes, I know, THIS IS HORRIBLE. But the thing of it here is, those foreign objects are often candies, name checked by brand name. Twix, for example, to represent the devil’s twicks (yeah), or Dum-Dum lollipops to represent feeling stupid.

One wonders if the situation is more complicated than clumsy, law-skirting metaphor. Does TBN normally go for product placement?


Liberace is not the most colourful butterfly in the field.

Dude’s hot pants back there, however, are.